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What We Do

Our obsession with changing the way people interact and learn drives us to create innovative experiences.

WARP Engine

Cut through the Clamor

By motivating audiences through competition, achievements, status and reward, gamification has proven to be effective in creating ongoing engagement and loyalty. For gamification initiatives to be truly effective, however, you need targeted strategies that are tailored to each distinct audience’s motivators and interests. And that requires a solution that’s highly configurable and rich in advanced features.

Creating awareness, engagement and impact through gaming

RocketOwl started out in the social space, launching one of the world’s first cross platform social games. GreenSpace, which launched on Facebook, iOS and several other web platforms quickly reached over 1,000,000 players. WARP Engine was built to scale with and support GreenSpace and has done so successfully, now we want to show how WARP can help other companies too.

Increasing engagement for all

RocketOwl’s WARP Engine gamification platform helps you incorporate gamification mechanics into online experiences to motivate your audiences to be more engaged, and to drive them toward business goals. With WARP Engine, customers are able to leverage the industry’s most advanced gamification engine to build motivation strategies that are tailored to their specific business goals and that address each targeted audience.

Analytics help drive Great Decisions

One of the greatest strengths of WARP Engine is the rich analytics suite supporting every action in the backend. From cross referencing user demographics, behaviour and usage patterns WARP Analytics allow you to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour not only around point of sale but througout their entire interaction with your offering. Let us help you learn more from your data.

Implementing Tomorrow’s technology into Today’s world.

RocketOwl has build and designed all of it’s core technology around the cloud, from our gaming backends to the WARP Engine gamification platform every piece of software is optimized to run from the cloud and take advantage of most common platforms. WARP is truly cloud agnostic.

WARP Engine includes

WARP Engine Core, that allows users to quickly create a scalable cloud architecture to support the back end of any modern software project from Apps to Websites or Games the WARP Engine Core will provide a scalable base to build on.

Asset management modules to allow businesses to easily pull in the assets they develop for use, whether within a game development scenario or a gamification process, for use across multiple platforms.

Robust Rules Creation Engine to enable goal-setting, competition, rewards. Businesses can deliver custom user experiences based on a multitude of attributes such as an individual’s role, geography or historical behaviour.

APIs to track behaviours within and across your applications and platforms including enterprise applications and social networks, and across the full range of online or mobile interfaces.

Integrated analytics, enabling users to gain deeper insight into the behaviour and dynamics that engage and motivate users.

Full library of pre-built gamification components that can be quickly added to an online experience such as: profiles, challenges, levels, badges, leaderboards, notifications and news-feeds

With WARP Engine, companies can now have it all: the power and simplicity to truly achieve the promise of gamification.

Who We Are

Hitzel Cruz

Hitzel Cruz

Co-Founder & Tech Wizard


Graeme Barlow

Co-Founder & Resident Gamer

Jasvinder Obhi

Jasvinder Obhi

Co-Founder & Gandalf the Grey

Advisory Board

Some of the phenomenal people who help us deliver excellence.

Bill Young

President, Social Capital Partners

Bill is the founder of Social Capital Partners, a non-profit organization he started in 2001. Prior to founding SCP, Bill spent twenty years in the private sector leading high growth, entrepreneurial organizations. He was CEO of Hamilton Computers, a publicly traded computer company, which grew from $15 million in revenue to $250 million under his leadership and was sold to GE Capital. Bill was also the CEO and subsequently the Chairman of Optel Communications Corp (later Axxent) which was a leading CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) in the Canadian telecommunications market when he left in 2000.

Bill began his career as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young and holds an Honours BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He currently sits as an advisor on a variety of boards for social enterprises and community organizations, as well as being a member of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance.

Richard L’Abbe

Former CEO, Med-Eng Systems

Mr. L’Abbé graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa in 1979. Two years later, he co-founded Med-Eng Systems, which became a world recognized leader in the design and production of suits, helmets and electronic products to protect first responders against the effects of explosive devices.

Mr. L’Abbé began as Production manager, and evolved to the position of President and CEO, and has traveled to over 100 Countries and Territories. Under his leadership, the Corporation won numerous awards including Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed Private Company Platinum status, and the Canada Export Award lifetime achievement award. Mr. L’Abbé was the first civilian to be awarded the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators Distinguished Service Award, and he received the Medal of Distinction from the Hungarian Building Society. In 2003, Mr. L’Abbé was named the Ottawa Business Journal’s CEO of the year. Mr L’Abbé is now retired, but is active on a number of Community and Corporate Boards. He also mentors CEO’s from SME’s located in the Ottawa region

Who's Talking

We're involved in some pretty cool stuff!

  • Techvibes

    Originally founded in 2002, Techvibes is dedicated to covering social, mobile, and startup news that impacts Canadians. Our editors and nationwide network of reporters combine breaking hyperlocal news with international coverage to deliver a unique balance of insight and information. New in 2012, Techvibes is also the host of the annual Canada Startup Awards.

  • Canadian Wildlife Federation

    Since 1962 CWF has been your connection to wildlife, advocating for wild species and spaces in virtually every community in Canada. This year as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary we want to hear from the people who matter most — you, our supporters.

  • Ottawa Business Journal

    The Ottawa Business Journal is a regional business publication serving Canada’s National Capital Region. Founded in 1995, it is owned by Great River Media and published on a biweekly basis with a circulation of 20,000 copies.

  • B Corporation

    B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

    RocketOwl is Ottawa’s first recipient of the B Corp Certification.


Check out some of our work!

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Built an application to improve the experience for visitors of the museum by creating an
Built an application to create interactivity for visitors of the museum. The application allowed visitors to view 360 degree views from inside the planes, provided details on the history, engineering and pilots of the aircrafts. The application also encouraged visitors to return to the museum by incentivising future visits.

Dymon Self Storage

Dymon Doc: Mobile Application developed for Dymon Self Storage to support their clients with archiving, asset management, and standardized document storage.
Dymon Self Storage required a developer to design, develop and deploy a mobile application for the customers of its Dymon Doc business. The app needed to allow small business users to manage and track the location of their archival documents and information assets held at Dymon Self Storage facilities. The app also needed to utilize an internally-developed and hosted web service interface to perform its various tasks in conjunction with a barcode driven system that allows the dynamic tracking of retrieval, movement and accession of archival assets to and from storage using a smartphone. The application was designed and developed by Dymon’s preferred developer – RocketOwl.


Finalist for Best Social/Casual Game in the 2012 Canadian Videogame Awards
It’s the distant future, and humans have been sending their trash into outer space for hundreds of years. You’ve joined the GreenSpace Corps., a futuristic cleaning company, as an eager Space Janitor ready to clean up the galaxy. Your journey begins on an unexplored planet, destroyed by years’ worth of trash. It’s your mission to clean everything up and restore the planet to a green Utopia. Learn about new technologies, cleanup trash, complete missions to level up, and more. GreenSpace, the future is tidy!


Some of the awesome people we get to work with

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