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Cell Phones – Why No-Contract Cell Phones Service Make Sense

If you sit down and crunch the numbers, you will be amazed by the amount of money you can save if you switch from your current contract cell phone plan to one of the best prepaid phone plans. Contract phone plans are prohibitively costly even when you do not consider the years of servitude they shackle you with.

Cell Phones - Save Money with No-Contract Cell Phones

Cell Phones – Save Money with No-Contract Cell Phones

Prepaid cell phone plans on the other hand are available without any recurring charges at all. If there is a recurring charge, this is often as low as $12 a month or even lower. Believe it or not, if you count the amount of money you would save by switching from your contract cell phone plan to a prepaid one, you could have a substantial savings account.
Many cell phone users are realizing that the best phone plans are those which come without a contract, allowing you to pay for the services on the go or in a one-off payment at the beginning of the month for unlimited access and usage. Without a long term contract tying you to one provider, you have the freedom to fulfill your communication and data needs on your own terms. While it can be argued that the current crop of postpaid cell phone plans give plenty of flexibility to the user, that flexibility is often tied to prohibitive pricing. You have not experienced true freedom for your communication needs till you have tried a cell phone plan not tied to a long and expensive contract.

Take Control!

How many times have you worried about disconnection due to an outrageous cell phone bill? You are being charged for things you don’t even understand. The list of charges does not equate with anyone’s budget. Ask the service provider to explain each charge item, and still you are left in the dark, frustrated by lack of control over your service. Stop. It doesn’t have to continue like this; Take control. Do the math and the research, and you will discover there are better options in cell phone providers. You are at their mercy, and if you don’t pay, it is sure to go on your credit report and affect financial areas of your life. Pay as you go plans are arguably the best and most flexible prepaid plans available for those looking for a no contract cell phone service. Even if you do not make a call or send a text message on a pay as you go plan for a month, you will not have to pay a dime for remaining connected to the network. You will be able to continue receiving calls and text at no cost at all.

You get What You Pay for – No Such thing as “Free” Phone…

You may have heard that prepaid cell phone plans do not come with a “free” or highly subsidized phone as part of the package. But have you ever paused to ponder how free these phones provided by on-contract service providers are? Even when the postpaid offer includes the option of keeping the phone at the end of the contract, the terms are such that by the time this option comes to be valid, you will have paid up to twice the high street cost of the phone itself.

Cell Phone Special Pricing

Cell Phone Special Pricing

Compared to the option of buying a phone of your own and then subscribing to a prepaid cell phone plan, the overall cost of the cell phone itself and the service will be a mere fraction of what you would have paid on a contract based plan. What is more, these days you can find no contract smartphones selling cheaply in your local electronic stores. This saves you money on top of being good for the local economy. Lose the financial strain chains, and consider taking back control of your cell phone needs today. At the least, research your options, they are there.

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