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Wireless Plans – Questions and Answers about Wireless Plans

Wireless Plans without Big Costs

Wireless Plans without Big Costs

Prepaid cell phone services optimally will save you money and always keep a wireless phone in your hands. More and more people are switching from the old way of phone contracts to prepaid cell phone providers. Yet many consumers are unsure of the actual process involved with No-Contract wireless plans, which keeps them strapped to the old way of doing business. This outdated service is costing the average consumer at least 700 dollars a year. Here are your questions answered to help the switching process in wireless providers.

How is activation done?

Activation is handled in only 2 steps which are done right from your phone. It is a wonder people will still lock into these 2 year contracts, have to reach stretches to pay their high monthly bill, struggle through customer service waits; when companies such as PagePlus Wireless have simultaneously eliminated the hassle. Just one simple move gets your wireless plan moving.

What if I don’t want a new phone number?

You can keep your old phone number, even if it has previously been used in a contract phone. Prepaid wireless providers have already thought of this and have molded their service to accommodate the consumer. You can even bring your own phone.

Isn’t the coverage less than optimal?

You will experience the same network coverage as contract plans. Many contract providers will tell you the coverage is less than what they offer. This simply is not true. You will be able to get a mobile signal anywhere you go and it will not drop off or cut out in mid-call.

Is there hidden charges or fees?

The beauty of a prepaid wireless plan is there are no surprise bills. It is the contract providers who fleece you with a monthly bill of hidden or unexplainable fees. The extra charges incurred from a traditional wireless provider can simply happen from overusing your phone. This does not seem fair. With a prepaid, No-Contract wireless plan you will never have to endure the element of financial shock with your wireless phone.

Is there a quality customer service available?

Wireless Plans - Save Money with No Contract Phone Plans

Wireless Plans – Save Money with No Contract Phone Plans

Many people have the misconception that because of the simplicity of activation there is little or no customer service available. The exact opposite is true. These wireless providers actually concentrate on polished customer care. Many network providers can be contacted in a variety of ways, including via phone, email and even live chat.

Switching to a prepaid wireless provider makes perfect sense

Switching to a prepaid wireless provider makes perfect sense if you measure both the prepaid and the contract companies. You are not losing anything in which you have now with a quality cell phone service provider. You will actually gain freedom, money, and control using a No-Contract wireless plan. Weigh your options. If you still are unsure about prepaid data plans, then simply try it out for awhile. Imagine the savings in your pocket. Activate your wireless plan today and play smart.

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