Rocket Owl - Your Page Plus Preferred Provider

In most cases yes. The phone must be a clear Basic, 3G or 4G CDMA device and Page Plus/Verizon compatible. Most phones on the Page Plus network come from the Largest Network Contract Carrier in the U.S.A. If there any questions, please contact customer support on the status of the phone.>

Why use Rocket Owl and Page Plus?

Rocket Owl is your Preferred Page Plus Provider and we provide you with exceptional customer care. As a welcomed new customer, we make it simple for you to switch over to Page Plus, or if you are currently using Page Plus, Rocket Owl can save you money on your Page Plus plans. Check out the variety of plans and find one which matches your lifestyle. Simply purchase the plan and load the pin by following our service prompts.

Popular Page Plus Cellular is currently used by millions of cell phone users across the United States who prefer lower cost no-contract phone plans. Page Plus uses the Nations largest cell phone network. Quality service - Best US Cell Phone Coverage, and plans and rates that fit your individual needs, at way lower costs then these long term contracts.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Rocket Owl and Page Plus are a prepaid service. Hassle free. You pay for the service on a monthly basis. Added bonus, you never have to worry about overages again. You will only pay Rocket Owl for the services you want, nothing more.

Is there a Credit Check?

No. No credit check is ever used. This is a prepaid service. No contract is ever signed. The customer owns their phone and can do whatever they want with it. Just how it should be.

Can I keep My Current Phone Number?

Rocket Owl and Page Plus says ‘Yes You Can!’ and the process is so easy. Through a quick process called a port-in you can take that number along to your new Page Plus service. Here is how to get this done:

First off, do not terminate your existing service. If your account was to close prematurely, we would lose the ability to port-in your number to Page Plus. Porting will automatically close the old account for you.

Have the number you are porting, the account number, and a PIN or password readily available. Many providers may ask for the account holder’s name and your billing address

Ports typically complete within a 24 hour period. We are dependent on your previous carrier to provide the portin function in a timely manner.

What Are My Payment Options?

Our customers can easily make payment on this website via a credit/debit card. There are many options for making payments or renewal.

How does the Auto-Renewal work?

By default, all of Rocket Owl/Page Plus monthly plans are setup on auto-renewal. This means next month your credit or debit card will be charged for another month at the same rate, Rocket Owl will activate your Page Plus plan automatically for you. We call it set and forget, as you never have to worry about forgetting to pay your phone bill.

You do have the option when you first purchase to purchase for only one month. We will send you a reminder text message the following month so you can renew your plan before it expires. You can also cancel your auto-renewal inside your logged in user area.